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Thursday, 2021-08-12


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Please find the detailed workshop schedule below. The program time will be published here later.

Monday April 22

Session 1. Multi-cloud Background and General Issues
Chair: Prof. Elisabetta Di Nitto

10:00 10:15 Welcome from the chairs
10:15 10:45 "Multi-Cloud: Expectations and Current Approaches" - Dana Petcu
10:45 11:15 "A vision for better Cloud applications" - Keith Jeffery, Geir Horn and Lutz Schubert

Session 2. Development of Multi-cloud Applications
Chair: Dr. Arnor Solberg

11:40 12:10

"Lifecycle Management of Service-based Applications on Multi-Clouds: A Research Roadmap" - George Baryannis, Panagiotis Garefalakis, Kyriakos Kritikos, Kostas Magoutis, Antonis Papaioannou, Dimitris Plexousakis and Chrysostomos Zeginis"Multi-Cloud: Expectations and Current Approaches" - Dana Petcu

12:10 12:40

"SPACE4CLOUD: A tool for System PerformAnce and Cost Evaluation of CLOUD systems" - Davide Franceschelli, Danilo Ardagna, Michele Ciavotta and Elisabetta Di Nitto

Session 3. Monitoring and Execution Support
Chair: Dr. Clara M Pezuela Robles

14:00 14:30

"Towards a Monitoring Feedback Loop for Cloud Applications" - Piotr Bar, Rudy Benfredj, Jonathon Marks, Deyan Ulevinov, Bartosz Wozniak, Giuliano Casale and William J. Knottenbelt

14:30 15:00 "Automatic Virtual Machine Clustering based on Bhattacharyya Distance for Multi-Cloud Systems" - Claudia Canali and Riccardo Lancellotti
15:00 15:30 "Managing Elasticity Across Multiple Cloud Providers" - Fawaz Paraso, Philippe Merle and Lionel Seinturier
15:30 16:00 "A Broker-based Framework for Multi-Cloud Workflows" - Foued Jrad, Jie Tao and Achim Streit

Session 4. Cloud Migration and Panel Discussion
Chair: Dr. Claudia Canali

16:30 17:00 "Moving an application to the cloud - an evolutionary approach" - Alexander Gunka, Stepan Seycek and Harald Kuehn
17:00 17:20 "Towards Multi-Cloud Configurations Using Feature Models and Ontologies"(short) - Clément Quinton, Nicolas Haderer, Romain Rouvoy and Laurence Duchien
17:20 18:20

Participants: Dr. Keith Jeffery, Prof. Paola Inverardi, Prof. Dana Petcu , Dr. Miguel Vidal.  
Moderator: Dr. Clara M Pezuela Robles

18:20 18:30 Conclusions