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Friday, 2021-08-13


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Corporate Support

Tutorials Track

Tutorial proposals should include a brief description of the material to be presented, the intended audience and assumed background of attendees. Tutorial levels may be introductory, intermediate, or advanced. Topics of broad interest are preferred. The proposal must include the intended length of the tutorial (90 minute or 3 hours) should be indicated and contact information (name, email, address, telephone number and fax number) and a brief biography of the speaker(s). In case the proposed tutorial has been presented previously, it should be indicated where the tutorial has been given and if and how it will be modified for ICPE 2013.

Submission process

Submit via mail to the tutorial chair at tribastone(at)pst.ifi.lmu(dot)de.

Submission deadlines

Submit the tutorial proposal on or before November 10, 2012.

Authors of accepted tutorial proposals are expected to prepare a set of slides to be distributed to participants, including a bibliography pertinent to the tutorial. The camera-ready set of slides should be submitted as a PDF file with two slides per page.

Proposers of accepted tutorials will be given the opportunity to also submit a tutorial paper, which will appear in the Conference Proceedings. The content of a tutorial paper must be on the material covered by the tutorial and should be 4-12 pages in size using the ACM format (